Corporate Social Responsibility for Social and Community Development

The Company has a strong track record of engaging proactively with the communities in and around our operational areas and we are committed to creating a positive social impact in these areas through our business activities as well as our community development program. We believe that our development of new residential and commercial properties can deliver significant value-added benefits to the surrounding communities by generating economic and employment opportunities. At the same time, the communities also benefit from our investments in developing and upgrading local infrastructure and facilities such as roads, public transportation, flood control, and a wide variety of educational, health, recreational and social facilities.

We have a longstanding commitment to improving access to quality education, particularly in underserved communities. In 2018, we continued our program of renovating and upgrading school buildings in South Tangerang, and awarded a number of educational scholarships up to university level for outstanding students from these communities. particularly. We also supported several local educational institutions through the Pembangunan Jaya Group’s Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation, including Pembangunan Jaya University, which is located in Bintaro Jaya. We also made an important new contribution to access to learning in 2018 by opening library for a community in Bintaro Jaya.  

In keeping with our focus on adopting more sustainable lifestyles, we have also implemented a number of community health initiatives in collaboration with our local community partners. Our regular outdoor fitness events and fun runs in and around the Bintaro Jaya Xchange Park are popular with residents and local community members. We also continued to organize free medical treatment and social services for disadvantaged people in the community, blood donor drives in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross and talk shows on various health issues. These events not only provide much-needed services but also help to raise awareness in the community about the importance of looking after one’s health. 

We also contribute to building the social cohesion and resilience of the local communities through our contributions to local religious organizations to support their outreach activities. These include fast-breaking with children from local orphanages during Ramadhan and making donations on religious holidays, donating animals for the Day of Sacrifice (Idul Adha) to be distributed among community members who are in need, and contributing to the renovation and construction of places of worship.