Corporate Social Responsibility for Labor Practices, Health and Safety in the Workplace

Labor Practices

The Company’s policies related to human resources and employment practices are fully compliant with the provisions of Law No. 13/2003 regarding Employment and the subsequent implementing regulations. As such, we comply with regional minimum wage regulations and statutory holidays and holiday pay and allowances. We aim to provide a competitive level of compensation as well as pension and health benefits. Our policy is to ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, background or age, have fair and equal opportunities to release their professional, technical and personal potential. Access to education and training is based on the requirements of each employee’s job and/or career path, and the Company’s strategic objectives.


Safety Ensuring a safe, healthy work environment is a top priority throughout the organization. We have therefore identified and assessed the accident and hazard risks in our workplaces and put policies, systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place to prevent and/or mitigate them. Our health and safety systems are subject to continuous review and improve, and apply equally to our own employees and to any business partners, contractors and vendors working on behalf of the Company. Evidence of the use of standard occupational health and safety SOPs as well as relevant OHS certification are priority criteria in contractor selection. We conduct regular safety training, workshops, exercises and drills for employees and third parties to increase awareness of potential hazards as well as our safety rules and procedures. We also carry out emergency response simulations every year at all Company buildings and offices to increase our employees’ readiness for various contingencies. 

Employee Health

Every employee of the Company is guaranteed the same right to receive health care benefits and facilities. All employees are enrolled in the national BPJS health insurance scheme and enjoy additional coverage through private insurance provided by Allianz. All employees also receive an annual medical checkup, free of charge. We also support the health and wellbeing of our employees by organizing weekly sports and recreation activities such as yoga, gymnastics and cycling.